Our Interconnectedness

In June and July, I talked about herbal remedies, how they play a part in our lives, and where we might find them.  This month I would like to touch on the way humans play a part in nature…the interconnectedness or relationship between ourselves and that which feeds us.

I created my original bodywork practice, Whole Being Therapy, in 1997 out of the recognition that we are intrinsically linked to our planet.  It was a massage practice that used yoga and herbs in combination with mindful eating practices as well as cleansing routines.  Along with the body/mind connection, I believe that our interconnectedness with the planet is just as strong in my practice today as it was in 1997.  This link to everything around us means that we can affect it just as it can affect us.  The earth’s effect on us is pretty obvious, however, our effect on it is a contentious point these days.  Some seem to believe that we can put endless amounts of waste into and around the planet without concern.  The way I see it, there’s a reason that we put our septic systems as far away from our water well as possible…because we can contaminate the groundwater, in effect, contaminating our bodies.  This is a simplistic, but everyday example of cause and effect.

For every action, there is a reaction.  Accumulation is a gradual process, whether it be planetary or microscopic.  Just as we can gradually reach capacity in home septic systems, landfills, and atmospheric conditions, the human body can do the same.  Our lymphatic system is responsible for maintaining fluid levels, absorbing fats, and eliminating wastes, among other things.  If we apply the idea of accumulation to the daily nourishment of our bodies, it is easy to see how unconscious food decisions can lead to dis-ease in the body.

The human body is resilient, as is the planet.  If given a chance, the body can reset itself.  Cells are constantly being regenerated.  The “trick” is that in order to grow a healthy cell, we must continuously feed it proper nutrition.  Proper nutrition consists of uncontaminated and unprocessed foods, grown in healthy soils and fed uncontaminated water and sunlight.  A tall order to fill in this day and age.  Another key point is that while we feed the body properly, we are simultaneously halting the contamination of it.  This allows a cleansing process to happen, as long as the digestive and lymphatic systems are working properly.

The beauty of our interconnectedness with nature that surrounds us, is that we are mirrors of one another.  As we have the ability to cleanse and heal, so can the planet.  Our concern should be about time.  The planet can filter out its pollutants, similar to our body’s ability.  The questions are:  Can we as humans wait that long for the Earth’s cleansing and resetting process?  And will we be one of the pollutants it filters out?

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Be well and heal thyself!

Terrel Broussard
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Herbalist, Bodyworker


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