Who We Are

Our Vision


To spread the wisdom of Ayurveda for health and wellness.


To cultivate an environment in which clients can achieve transformational healing.
Lakshmi is a divine force of fertility, growth, and abundance, and she is pictured with a lotus in her hand. The lotus symbolizes our own spiritual growth and evolution with its upward journey through the darkness of the muddy pond toward the light. We strive to support the unfolding of the beautiful lotus in each of our guests.


To create balance perfect balance in ourselves and our clients.

Ayurveda defines health as "One who is established in Self, has balanced doshas, balanced agni (fire), properly formed dhatus (tissues), proper elimination of malas (wastes), well functioning bodily processes, and whose mind, soul, and senses are full of bliss." This is an ever-evolving process that requires a daily commitment, and it begins by living in harmony with nature. One of our main goals here at Lakshmi's Garden is to develop an Ayurvedic lifestyle that supports the highest good for all life, not only humans but plant, animals and the ecosystem around us.


To build a balanced, peaceful community that prioritizes the health of nature and all beings equally.

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm, and we, therefore, cannot achieve individual health without taking responsibility for the health of the planet.

Kimberly Larson

"Love is our true essence. In the state of health and balance, this truth is clear."

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After my first years of college, I began to look for a career in which I would feel like I was making a difference in the world each day. Like a bolt of lightning, it struck me—massage therapy. I attended Praxis College of Health Arts and Sciences in 1997 to train in massage and hydrotherapy. During the two-year training I was first introduced to Thai massage, and I fell in love. After several years of practice in the massage field I was drawn to further my career with yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center. It was at Kripalu that I found my next great love in ayurvedic bodywork. It was no surprise when I realized that these two had common roots.

I completed the Kripalu School of Ayurveda in 2006, and ayurveda became the framework for my practice of yoga and bodywork. I worked at Kripalu for almost a decade before leaving to start Lakshmi's Garden with my partner Terrel. We traveled together to India and Thailand in 2007 to complete more advanced trainings and meet the mother lands of these two great healing arts. We returned again in 2011 for deeper studies and to receive the experiential training of a traditional Panchakarma. This deep healing experience strengthened my desire to spread the transformational healing of cleansing and rejuvenation.

We opened LG in 2008, and started working with Dr. Rosy Mann to facilitate ayurvedic retreats and panchakarmas.  It was an amazing opportunity to learn from a truly inspirational teacher and mentor.  Dr. Mann emanates the truths of Ayurveda and the compassion of the great Mother.  She also guided me through my pregnancy and pointed me to the classic ayurvedic texts for wisdom.  I treasure the years we worked together.  In 2015, I authored my first book “ The Simple, Healing Cleanse” and complied all the practices and recipes we used at LG in our cleansing retreats.

"I have been the lucky recipient for many years of Kim’s extraordinary talent and deep wisdom. I have serious stenosis in my back and faced the possibility of surgery. Kim’s interventions have miraculously kept me mobile and pain free. She understands bodies and body systems; her suggestions for life style changes are practical and inspired ; and her kindness and smarts are unparalleled. She is one of the gifted."

Ellen Schall

"If somehow, your life has led you to be under the care of Kimberly Larson, know that a benevolent force must be watching over you. Kimberly is the most generous guide, teacher, massage therapist and healing arts practitioner, that I know. She does her research, takes her time and offers you care at the deepest, wise and intuitive level.

Working with Kimberly will ensure that you are not only well cared for but also educated to be able to participate in making the changes in your life you need with great success, and as much ease as possible."

Jolie Parcher

Terrel Broussard

"My objective as a bodyworker, is to allow myself to be as clear of a channel as possible, so that spirit can do the work."

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My experience in the healing arts started with myself in 1992 when I started exploring healing my emotional state through nutritional cleansing. For over 10 years i was a nutritional consultant. During this time, in 1997, I was trained as a Kripalu yoga teacher, and currently have a professional yoga teaching certification. The next year I added massage therapy, followed by thai massage, and then a degree in herbal medicine to compliment my consulting. In 2001, a year after my initial Thai massage training with Jonas Westring, I traveled to Thailand to train with his teacher, Pichet Boonthamme.  After walking away with a rich experience and deeper confidence in myself and my potential as a Thai bodyworker, I began to integrate Thai massage into Whole Being Therapy, my creative expression of what healing arts can be. In 2005, I trained with Paul Cramer, a teacher from the Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage, and in 2006 I graduated from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda. My practice also includes Ayurvedic massage and consultations. In 2007 I returned to Thailand for another experience with Pichet and I ventured to India for advanced Ayurvedic trainings. A return to both countries in 2011 included continued studies, including receiving a 5-week Panchakarma that provided me experiential lessons that no text can offer. I currently travel and teach with my partner Kim and daughter Nilani, and I look forward to offering the gifts of Thai massage and Ayurveda to all those interested in these amazing healing arts.

“As a longtime practitioner of taiji and tuina, I can say that Terrel Broussard is the very best body worker that I have ever had. He is not only skilled in multiple massage techniques, with a particular expertise in Thai massage, but is also incredibly intuitive in responding dynamically to the changing needs of his clients. He knows how to use his own breath, weight, and energy to support his clients in their healing. I have also benefitted from his ayurvedic treatments which opened new depths to my taiji practice. After a stroke, I trusted no one else to do the body work I needed to help me make a full recovery.”

Drew Bergerson

Taiji and tuina practitioner

"Terrel is truly the best at his services and has helped my chronic pain significantly dissipate over the years of consistent body work.  He is able to do deep work that really gets to the root of my dis-ease and i leave with a newfound comfortability in my body.  He is so knowledgeable and has offered me guidance on Ayurvedic practices and yoga that have been useful in my healing process.  I have also utilized Terrel’s herbal tinctures…his R&R formula is like magic.  I can’t say enough about the impact Terrel and his work has had on my well-being over the years."

Jessica Hansmann

Reiki Practitioner

"Terrel was amazing.  I was struggling with a fairly debilitating tight hamstrings which effected my routine mobility, driving and sitting at work. In short order, Terrel had diagnosed my problem (e.g.
sciatica), worked my muscles to a point of tangible relief and outlined a treatment regimen for me to follow on my own.  He followed up with me regularly to monitor my progress and within a few weeks the issue melted away. He's a kind, thoughtful and empathic soul who I'd return to in a heartbeat and recommend highly."

Mark R


Retreat Staff

Erin Schwartz

Erin Schwartz has devoted her life to healing, wellness and spiritual practice. A true traveler of darkness to light, her inquiry into holistic healing brought her to Kripalu, where she not only trained in Ayurveda and Pancha Karma, but went on to become the lead Ayurvedic therapist. Erin has assisted several Pancha Karmas at Lakshmi's Garden and Kripalu. Falling deeply in love with the radical transformation of body and soul, Erin then shifted into advanced training in Shamanic work, herbalism and most recently, Embodiment and Polarity. Erin combines these healing arts to go as deep as possible, unlocking the power and magic of each unique soul to heal, practicing Ayurveda and giving Shamanic readings. Erin is honored to be a part of Lakshmi's Garden with her beloved Berkshire community.

Bart Staub

Bart Staub is an Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Practitioner, Ayurvedic body worker, Licensed Massage Therapist, and certified 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher. He spent the last 18 years studying in-person and online Indian philosophical and metaphysical systems with a traditional Indian Guru, Satya Narayana Dasa, and Ayurvedic medicine with Dr Partap Chauhan in India. Bart loves to educate, inspire, and motivate his students and clients to achieve optimal health through simple practices, Ayurvedic bodywork especially. He teaches periodically in Northern India. In his free time, he researches current global health perspectives and how they resonate with traditional Indian sciences.

Kristen Timchak

Coming Soon!

Simeon Bittman

Chef Simeon Bittman, a native of Berkshire County has dedicated a good deal of his life to cooking. He lived in Boston, the Bay Area of California and Vermont before deciding to come back home, start a family, and explore an approach to cooking that embraces mindfulness, local and seasonal ingredients and the approach of food as medicine. Simeon started a catering and home delivery business called Folklore. He was the chef at Sterling college in Vermont focusing on sustainable food systems, he’s been chef di cuisine at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and was head chef at a local and seasonally focused treatment center. Simeon has spent alot of time at Lakshmi’s Garden and has experienced deep healing from bodywork and guidance through cleanses over the years. Simeon utilizes his skill and the passion he has for his craft to more deeply nurture the people eating his food. You can find out more about his approach to cooking and teaching as well as his special projects on his instagram page @chefsimeon.