Design Your Own Retreat

A Guide to Designing Your Own Retreat

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What do I need in order to find my best self? 

First, you need to pause, and remove yourself from the busy, frenetic pace of modern life. If you can quiet your mind and tune into your body, then your own wisdom can become clear. You know better than anyone else, what it is you need to facilitate healing. That is what we strive to create in our retreats at Lakshmi's Garden. During your retreats, we will ask you to slow your pace, to unplug from electronics, and to spend time in nature. We encourage you to relax with yoga, breathwork, and meditation and to allow our healing hands to facilitate change in your body. We teach you new tools for self-understanding and self-care from these ancient sciences. We ask you to reflect and go deep—like a hibernation for the soul.

What type of retreat will be best for me?

We always suggest an Ayurvedic consultation before you plan your trip to Lakshmi's Garden. In a consultation, we can help determine your true nature as well as current imbalances and plan a retreat to address those needs. A retreat at Lakshmi's Garden is an opportunity to focus on one or more aspects of health in an intensive week or weekend. We can plan a fun and healthy experience for your group or tailor a trip just for you.

How long should I plan for a retreat?

We all know the experience of taking a vacation and halfway through the trip, you finally feel like you have relaxed, just in time to plan for your return trip. We suggest planning a few extra days so that your nervous system can truly relax while you are with us.

4 to 10 days is our suggested time frame, but longer is better is you have traveled a long ways to join us.

What locations are available?

We are based in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts amid a forest of trees, rolling green mountains and luscious waterways. The area is and has been an energetic center and spiritual home for many traditions throughout time. We feel that the Nature of our land adds to the experience of healing and we are best apt to accommodate your retreat here. However, we are also open to traveling to other destinations to provide a retreat in your ideal location.

Where will I stay?

We can help you or your group find a place to stay near Lakshmi’s Garden that fits your comfort level and your budget. We may have you come to Lakshmi's Garden for yoga, classes and sessions, or arrange to set-up in the comfort of your place, provided there is adequate space.

Please note: The cost of accommodations is separate from the cost of the retreat.

What is included in the retreat?

Your retreat is exactly what you want it to be. We will plan a schedule of daily events specific for you or your group. We usually suggest a daily schedule with:

  • Yoga class or private session - 60 to 90 minutes
  • Breath work and meditation - 30 to 45 minutes
  • One or two bodywork sessions per participant - 30 to 90 minutes
  • Educational class - 30 to 60 minutes
  • Outdoor exercise - on your own or with a guide

You can pick one of our signature retreats or design your own with a schedule of all your favorite activities and treatments. We strive to offer each guest just what they need to find balance.

What is the price for a retreat?

The cost of the retreat will be determined by the activities planned and an estimate will be provided prior to booking.

A 50% deposit is required to book your reservation.

When should I book my retreat?

We suggest planning several months in advance to assure proper staffing and give you the widest selection of accommodations. Summer in the Berkshires is a very popular time, so planning three to six months in advance will give you the best results.

Are meals included in the retreat?

For most retreats, meals are not included. You may plan to cook for yourself, get take-out, or leave time to take in the best of Berkshire restaurants. We are happy to arrange your schedule to fit any of these options. We can also arrange a private chef for those who would like to leave the cooking and planning up to someone else.

For cleansing retreats, our private chef will prepare and deliver meals specific for the doshas that we are addressing. Meals for cleansing are organic, simple, light and vegetarian; they are also planned based on the season, constitutions and imbalances of the participants.

Special needs food requests will be discussed in an Ayurvedic cleansing consultation in preparation for the retreat.

Signature Retreats

Stretch and Be Stretched

Thai Yoga Retreat

Enjoy a daily yoga practice specifically designed for your body with the help of Ayurveda. Receive traditional Thai massage to balance your doshas and target areas of restriction, injury, or pain. Learn stretches that will allow you to keep those target areas open so you can add them to your daily routine of self-care.

Included in this retreat:

  • Ayurvedic consultation
  • Daily yoga practice
  • Thai massage (1-3 hours daily)
  • Take home stretches for self-care
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Conscious Connection

Couples Retreat

Deepen your relationship with your partner through conscious communication and compassionate loving touch. Learn about your own constitution and that if your partner to understand them through the wisdom of Ayurveda and explore and expand the places you connect. Learn to give and receive a Thai massage flow and communicate more clearly with trust building practices.

Included in this retreat:

  • Ayurvedic consultation
  • Ayurvedic connection workshop (90 min)
  • Yoga for self-care with partner assists (60 minutes daily)
  • Conscious-communication practices (30 minutes daily)
  • Thai bodywork instruction with your partner (3 hours daily)
  • Thai or Ayurvedic massage (60 to 90 minutes daily)
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Weightloss Retreat

Learn the art and science of loving your Kaphic self and keeping it balanced. Use Ayurvedic principles and practices to reduce excesses in the body, lose weight, feel lighter and more energetic. Practice yoga, breath work and exercise to reduce sluggishness and stimulate lymphatic movement for stronger immunity.

Included in this retreat:

  • Ayurvedic consultation
  • Kapha Balancing workshop (90 min)
  • Yoga for your dosha (60 to 90 minutes daily)
  • Invigorating breath work (30 minutes daily)
  • Vigorous outdoor exercise daily
  • Ayurvedic bodywork (60 to 90 minutes daily)

Additional educational classes suggested:
(60 min each)

  • Cooking for the Kapha
  • Daily and seasonal routines for Spring
  • Heart of the matter: releasing emotions for healthy self-image
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Rejuvenation Retreat

Take time out to relax your nervous system, rejuvenate the mind and restore vibrancy to your physical and emotional bodies. Learn how to balance your vata with Ayurvedic practices, daily routines and yoga. Focus on building stability in the mind and emotional body through breath work and mediation practices.

Included in this retreat:

  • Ayurvedic consultation
  • Vata Balancing workshop (90 min)
  • Yoga for your dosha (60 to 90 minutes daily)
  • Relaxing breath work (30 minutes daily)
  • Ayurvedic bodywork (60 to 90 minutes daily)

Additional educational classes suggested:
(60 min each)

  • Cooking for the Vata
  • Daily and seasonal routines for Winter
  • Deep sleep: tools for better rest
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Active-Body Retreat

Find the balance between an active body and a calm, content mind. Learn Ayurvedic and yogic practices to keep the body cool, the nervous system calm and the emotions in balance. Develop a daily practice to take home for your self-care and a seasonal routine for maintaining balance.

Included in this retreat:

  • Ayurvedic consultation
  • Pitta Balancing workshop (90 min)
  • Yoga for your dosha (60 to 90 minutes daily)
  • Cooling breath work (30 minutes daily)
  • Balanced exercise regime daily
  • Ayurvedic bodywork (60 to 90 minutes daily)

Additional educational classes suggested:
(60 min each)

  • Cooking for the Pitta
  • Daily and seasonal routines for Summer
  • Healthy Communication and Expression: balance your fire
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Seasonal Cleansing Retreats

More Information

What is a Seasonal Cleansing Retreat?

An Ayurvedic cleansing consultation will uncover your constitution and your current imbalances while taking into account the season, climate and geography of your environment. All these aspects are important for determining the proper cleanse for you, otherwise one could create more imbalance instead building better health. A cleansing consult will also teach you necessary principles and techniques to ensure a successful and safe cleanse. Your practitioner will make a plan and guide you through each step of the process.

What is the time commitment?

A cleanse at Lakshmi's Garden is a longer commitment to your health. You must make time to prepare 1-2 weeks prior to your visit and follow your recommendations completely or you will not be able to complete the process of your retreat. You also must commit to following guidelines after your stay to ensure you rejuvenate properly and keep the doshas in balance. All this is imperative to safe and effective cleansing.

What can I expect out of this cleanse?

If all precautions and preparations are followed, a cleansing retreat can be a dramatic transformation and a life-altering experience on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. You can peel back the unwanted layers of trauma, pain, and old patterns that limit your true potential and develop a new relationship with your Self.

What does this retreat include?

  • Ayurvedic cleansing consultation - 2 weeks prior to your retreat
  • Pre- and post-cleanse check-in
  • Daily consult during your stay (15 minutes)
  • Cleansing meals
  • Cleansing yoga practice for your dosha (60 to 90 minutes daily)
  • Breath work and meditation (30 minutes daily)
  • One or two Ayurvedic bodywork sessions daily (30 to 90 minutes) 
  • Ayurvedic classes available upon request