In Potli massage, warm bundles of an herbal mixture are soaked and heated in medicated oils, then used to massage the body, especially joints and spine.

Sessions Available:

Two-Handed Sessions (1 therapist)

  • 20 min. - $50
  • 30 min. - $80
  • 60 min. - $150

Note: Potli and Bastis are often combined in session to maximize the therapeutic results. For deep rejuvenation in areas with injury or chronic imbalance, a series of these sessions, once or twice a week for a total of eight weeks, is recommended.

Good For:

muscular aches and pains around joints or spine, imbalances of the spine, joint inflammation, stiff joints.


reduces inflammation of the tissues, warms muscles increasing circulation and relieving tension, rejuvenates joints and spine, releases adhesions.