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Herbal Healing

Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane

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Lion's Mane has been known for centuries as a brain tonic. It can help with anxiety, depression and helps repair nerve damage. Has strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant abilities.


  • Take 2-3 droppers-ful in the morning directly under the tongue, or in your morning drink

Here are links to scientific abstracts for Lion's Mane:

For millennia mushrooms have been found to have antibacterial qualities, and to be immune system enhancers and cholesterol lowering agents; additionally, they are important sources of bioactive compounds. As a result of these properties, some mushroom extracts are used to promote human health and are found as dietary supplements.

Research has found Lion’s Mane to be a brain health superfood that supports memory, focus, nerve health, creativity and mood. Improved cognitive function, decreased mental health symptoms, such as more manageable depression, and gut health benefits due to anti-inflammation properties are also benefits to this amazing product of nature.

Our Lion’s Mane extract is created through a dual extraction process. We bring you a full-spectrum tincture by combining the water-soluble compounds and the alcohol-soluble compounds from the process. We use all organic ingredients in our production, including organic mushrooms, organic alcohol, and organic vegetable glycerin.

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